in Kennedy's 1860 St. Louis Directory


AgsseHarmann T.goldsmith236 South 2nd

AlsopWilliam J.watchmaker with East H. Goulding 

AltschuhGeorgewatchmakerColumbus between Picotte and L'esprance

AltschuhHenrywatchmakerColumbus between Picotte and L'esprance

ArmstJohn F.watchmakerJackson South East corner Barry

BaileyWilliamjeweler26 Orange


BannolainJohnwatchmaker168 Carondelet Avenue

BarnumNelsonwatchmaker with Ben F. Crane and Co. 

BaumanLouisjeweler30 Market

BeauvaisRenaultimporter of jewelry, watches &c.93 North Main


BetschAdamwatchmakerColumbus between Picotte and L'esperance

BetschGeorgewatchmakerColumbus between Picotte and L'esperance

BetschJohnwatchmakerColumbus between Picotte and L'esperance

BlankeCharlessilversmithhead of Morgan

BleighGeorge J.watchmakerWest Broadway between Bremen and Angelica

BlockSamueljeweler126 Franklin Avenue

BoehnerCharles G.watchmaker and jeweler111 Washington

BollandJohnwatchmaker and jeweler34 South 2nd

BoulangerLouiswatchmaker324 South 5th

BoulangerLouiswatchmaker and jeweler199 North 4th

BowersJohn F.gilder59 South 8th

BrantLewisjeweler130 South 2nd


BuderEdwardsilver platerSoulard and Lafayette

BullockThomasgilder337 Franklin Avenue

BurkartWolfgangwatchmakerDecatur between Lafayette and Soulard

BurtMosesgilder107 North 15th

CallAlbertwatchmaker with Prouhitt and Witt 

CapelleJohn P.jeweler96 North 4th

CarrDavidwatchmaker and jeweler176 North 14th

CaseSullivanjeweler433 Broadway

CastelhunRudolphwatchmakerJackson between Jackson and Marion

ChaseWinfield S.watchmaker 

ClacknerJoseph F.watchmaker with Jehu Sylvester 


Cole, A. C. & Co.(Alfred C. Cole and Bernard Stratman)silver plater113 North 5th

ColeWilliamsilver plater 

ColemanJohngilder121 St. Charles

ConnorHenry C.watchmaker with Rene Beauvais 

CopicJohngilder91 Biddle

Crane, Ben F. & Co.(Ben F. Crane and Prince H. Jones)jewelers88 North 4th North West corner Locust

CrummenPetergilder65 Walnut

CurtisJamessilver plater29 Olive

CurtisWilliam J.jeweler132 North 6th

DavidsonThomas P.watchmakerChanning Avenue and Thomas

DavisLouisjeweler178 Broadway


DefriesWilliam and jewelry41 North 4th

DemarinaNicholasjeweler73 North 13th


DiederingHenrygoldsmith with E. Jaccard 

DiekmannFranciswatches, clocks and jewelry87 Franklin Avenue


DoeringCharlesjeweler with J. P. Capelle 

DrudingHenrygoldsmith75 North 4th

Durgin & Burtt(Freeman A. Durgin and Thomas F. Burtt)silversmithsSouth 4th North West corner Spruce

EatonCharles H.silver plater53 Washington Avenue

EatonFrancis E.silver plater53 Washington Avenue

EatonJamessilver plater53 Washington Avenue

EichhornMelchiorwatches166 South 2nd

EisenstadtMichaelwatches and jewelry182 Broadway and 164 North 4th


FettigValentinewatchmaker7th between Marion and Barry

FicherJohnjeweler228 Franklin Avenue

FollmerGeorge J.jeweler396 South 7th

FolmerHenrywatchmaker396 South 7th

Forbes, L. & Co.(Leonard Forbes and William G. H. Becker)jewelers88 North Main


Fuhrmann, J. F. & C. G.(John F. and Charles G. )watchmaker68 Chesnut


Gardiner, J. & A.(James M. and Andrew Y. Gardiner)jewelers93 North 4th


GiedenhagenLouisjeweler208 Franklin Avenue

GluckseligJosephwatchmaker24 Carondelet Avenue

GmelichJacob F.watchmaker64 South 2nd


GreeneEdward B.gilder 


GregoryJoseph W.jeweler18th between Franklin Avenue and Wash

GruendlerBrunojeweler13 South 4th


HambergerHenrygoldbeaterbetween Carondelet Avenue and Jackson near Marion

HanneganJ. J.jeweler 

HanneganWilliam H.watchmaker 

HartmannHenrygilder292 Pine

HasieMark N.watchmaker392 Market

HathawayCharlesjewelerAnn between Carondelet Avenue and Easton

HawkinsJ. Rubejeweler 

HeinbachJohnjeweler29 Carondelet Avenue

HendersonJames M.goldsmith83 Spruce

HenneburgGeorgewatchmakerJackson between Lafayette and Emmet

HenniganWilliam H.watchmaker with Rene Beauvis 


HenryRobertjeweler217 North 9th

HenryWilliam D.jeweler41 Mullanphy

HequembourgAlexander G.gilder 

HequembourgTheodorejeweler25 North 5th

HesserHermanjewelerJackson near Marion

HettelAugustwatchmaker50 Morgan


HigginsJohn pen maker193 Christy Avenue

HigginsJohn pen manufacturer54 Chesnut

HiggsJohnsilversmithbetween 15th and 16th


HobaughJohnwatchmaker163 North 14th

HuguninEmile U.jeweler and watchcase manufacturerWashington Avenue between 4th and 5th

Jaccard, E. & Co.(Eugene Jaccard, Augustus S. Mermod and David Constant Jaccard)jewelers75 North 4th

JaccardGustavus O.watchmaker75 North 4th

JaccardUlysses P.watchmaker75 North 4th

JaeschkeRobertwatchmaker229 1/2 Carondelet Avenue

JettStephen C.watchmaker14 1/2 Olive


JonesChristopher H.jeweler90 Market

JuretAlphonsegoldsmith184 South 5th

KahleHenry G.watchmaker61 Carondelet Avenue

KahnJosephwatchmaker with J. P. Capelle 

KelloggJ. peddler 

KircherJacobjeweler138 North 3rd


Klein & Stahlberg(Jacob Klein and William Stahlberg)watchmakers224 Market

KneadalshakThomaswatchmaker158 Franklin Avenue

KnechtFerdinandsilversmith3 North 11th

KodderhautJohnsilverplater60 Wash

KoehlerCharleswatchmaker207 Market

KortkampEdward H.jeweler and watchmaker52 Franklin Avenue

KounchHenry L.jeweler37 Walnut

KrauseAugustwatchmakerFranklin Avenue between Garrison Avenue and Cardinal Avenue

KrugerCharlesjeweler with Prouhet and Witt 

Kull, J. J. & Son(John J. and Louis A. )watchmakers and jewelers64 South 2nd


LangenEdwardwatchmaker125 South 3rd

LangestorfMorrisjeweler154 Franklin Avenue

LeggettAbrahamgilder89 North 4th

LehsAlexanderjeweler147 South 4th

LeilichFranciswatchmaker254 South 5th

LinkJuliusjeweler and hairbraider6 South 6th

LipmanLouisjewelerSouth 4th North East corner Spruce

LoeffelWilliamjeweler305 South 5th

LopezSimonjeweler139 North 3rd

LovejoyHarrenwatch manufacturerPark Avenue between 8th and 9th

LubsonHenrywatchmaker212 Carondelet Avenue

LuriaMier H.jeweler205 North 8th

MaasAugustjeweler295 South 5th

MalanderJohnjeweler322 Franklin Avenue

MastebrookWilliamjeweler111 Carondelet Avenue between Carroll and Marion

MauchAugustjeweler37 Carondelet Avenue

MauchHenrywatchmaker3 Franklin Avenue

Maurice & Henry(William H. Maurice and William D. Henry)jewelers52 North Main

MayFrederickwatchmaker336 South 3rd

MccormickJohnsilversmith63 Christy Avenue

McdonaldRodericksilversmith12th between O'Fallon and Cass Avenue



Mead, Edward & Co.(Edward and Edward H. Mead)wholesale Jewelers54 North Main

Menkens, A. H. & Bro.(Anthony H. and Diedrich R. )watchmakers and jewelers62 North 4th

MentzHenrygilderMarion near Carondelet Avenue

Meyer & Lopez(Solomon Meyer and Simon Lopez)jewelers63 Washington Avenue

MeyerFrederickwatchmaker449 Carondelet Avenue

MeyerHenryjeweler338 South 3rd

MeyerHenrysilversmith336 South 3rd

MeyerLouisjeweler109 North 5th

Mierson & Rosenthal(James Mierson and William Rosenthal)jewelers132 North 3rd


MilledgeNicholassilverplater75 North 5th

MillerAugustus F.silver electroplater71 Olive

MillinetBurnetjeweler47 Spruce

MinzHenrygilder75 Marion

MohrCharlesjeweler58 Plum

MorentBernardwatchmakerbetween Jackson and Columbus near Barry

MorentLorentzwatchmakerbetween Jackson and Columbus near Barry

Moses, S. L. & J. L.(Samuel L. and Julius L. )jewelry and opticians39 North 4th

Mueller, E. & L.(Emile and Louis)jewelers 

MullerAugustjeweler4 Cerre

NagelCarlwatchmaker19 South 3rd

NavoJohn M.watchmaker 

NeuhausBernardwatchmaker with Picotte and L'esperance 

NewmanChoteaujeweleralley between Main and 2nd near Elm


NichollsHenrywatchmaker160 Market

NickerlFrancisjeweler254 South 5th

NiehausFrederickwatchmaker41 Morgan


NorstraumCharlesgilderMarket South East corner of 3rd

OlivetAlfredjewelerMarion South West corner of Jackson

OttoFrederickwatchmaker106 Washington

Peck, J. & Co.(Luzern J. Peck and Frederick E. Hale)silver platers71 Olive

PembrokeJames W.watchmaker and jeweler4 South 6th

Pfeiffer, Edward & Bro.(Edward and Joseph)watchmakers120 South 2nd

PhilibertAugustuswatchmaker143 North 3rd

PolstonGeorgejeweler34 South 2nd

PowlhansPhilipwatchmaker235 North 13th

Prouhet & Witt(Hyppolet Prouhet and Thomas D. Witt)watchmakers, jewelers and photographic stock132 North Main

Reichenbach & Falk(William Reichenbach and Nathan Falk)jewelry228 Broadway

ReihenbergWilliamjeweler277 North 12th

RenardAlphonsewatchmaker210 St. Charles

RenaudJulesjeweler191 South 7th

RodgersWilliamjeweler273 North 6th

RohneHermannwatchmakerSt. Charles Rock Road

RossowChristianwatchmakerFranklin Avenue between 21st and 22nd


RothenbacherFrancisjewelryMenard between Lafayette and Emmet

RoweEdwardwatchmaker89 Market

RyanThomasgilderMound near 10th

SaizAlbertwatchmakerPoplar between 2nd and Main

SalomonGustavwatchmakerNorth 9th between Monroe and Jefferson

SauppFrancis D.watchmaker25 North 5th

Scherpe, Frederick & Co.(Frederick Scherpe and Gustav Mebus)jewelry and silver plating122 South 4th

ScherzingerLouiswatchmaker and jeweler122 Market

SchmidHenry C.watchmaker47 Spruce

SchneiderJohnwatchcase maker44 Washington Avenue

SchnitzlerCharlessilverplater122 South 4th

SchollGustavjeweler100 8th

SchonefeldTheodoresilverplater41 Plum

SchubertAntonwatchmaker75 Market

SchwartzConradgoldsmith3 North 11th

SeitzAlbertwatchmaker40 Poplar

SellersJohn J.jeweler 

SghwabeAugustjeweler130 South 2nd

ShannonRobert L.jeweler44 South 10th

SiedlerFranz X.watchmaker622 Broadway

SieglitzHermannwatchmaker22 Market

SiemersJohn W.jeweler42 Franklin Avenue


SmithGeorge and jewelry4th South East corner Pine

SmithJohn N. Ssilverplater and metal sash maker75 North 5th

SpurrPeterwatchmaker, jeweler and engraverBroadway corner 7th

StahlGustave F.jewelry100 Franklin Avenue

StarksWilliam pen maker 

SternbergAdolphwatchmaker93 North 6th


StevensWilliamjeweler94 Market


StrausAugustusjewelerChesnut between 2nd and 3rd


Sullivan, Cornelius D. & Co.(Cornelius D. Sullivan and Jeremiah T. Sullivan)watches and jewelry31 North 4th

SumpfFrederickwatchmaker219 Washington

SussAlexanderjewelry and watches13 North Main

SutliffJohnsilversmith290 North 7th

SylvesterJehuwatches and watch materials88 North Main

TaylorFrancissilverplater277 Morgan

TaylorWilson M.gilder 

TealishAugustjeweler206 South 3rd

TeutingJohn H.jeweler294 Franklin Avenue

ThiesPetersilver plating47 North 8th

TookeJames H.jeweler and dentist813 Broadway

TuenlerCharleswatchmakerSoulard between Menard and Rosatti


Van BramerFrancis B.jeweler54 Vine

VollsteadtCharlesjeweler75 North 4th

WeberHenrywatchmakerFranklin Avenue between 20th and 21st

WeinertLouiswatches, jewelry &c.45 Market

WendlFrankwatchmaker217 Market

WentmanAugustsilversmith69 Washington

WenzelThomaswatchmaker10th between Lafayette and Soulard

WetzenCharlessilversmith75 4th

WildJohnornamental silver worker431 Market

WindleyRobertwatchmaker13th between O'Fallon and Cass Avenue

WinterDietrich A.jeweler and watchmaker204 Franklin Avenue


WolcottGeorge A.silverplater169 St. Charles

WolsgkarBenedictwatchmaker7th South West corner Barry

WulvekuhlerFred.watchmaker2nd between Wood and Park


ZikaAnthonwatchmaker132 North 3rd

ZipfelJoseph C.watchmaker62 North 4th


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