A List of
in the 1850 Boston MA Directory

AdamsDaniel R.jeweler and watchmaker1 Washington

Adams & Farnsworth(George E. Adams and John C. Farnsworth)jewelers and watchmakers67 Washington


AnninJameswatchmaker2 Essex


AtwoodAmosjewelerback 37 Dover

AyerD. C.watches11 Hanover

BachellerCharles F.watchmaker39 Massachusetts Block

Bacon & Smith(Silas D. Bacon and Edwin Smith)jewelers and watchmakers4 Elm

BaileyH. H.watchmaker83 Washington


BatchelderIsaac M.jeweler 

BealsWilliamclock and watchmakerBlackstone corner Hanover

Beals & Co(J. J. Beals and A. W. Southwick)clockmakersHaymarket Square

BedfordJamesmanufacturing jeweler36 Hanover

BeersAugustus H.watches, etc26 Hanover

BellJosepg G.jeweler32 Washington

BementCaleb H.watches, etc5 Market Square


BigelowJoseph J.watchmaker159 Washington

Bigelow Brothers & Kennard(John, Alanson, & Abraham Bigelow and William H. Kennard)jewelers121 Washington

BlakeJohn Quincyjeweler16 Hanover

BondCharleswatchmaker15 Franklin

Bond & Son(William C., Joseph C., and Richard F. Bond)watchmakers26 Congress

BowenGeorge A.watchmaker17 2nd

BrewsterRobert N.silversmith 

Burbank & Brother(Asa L. and Abijah F. Burbank)jewelers and watchmakers235 Washington

ByronDanielwatchmaker76 Broad

ByronJoseph C.watchmaker4 Lewis

CampbellJohnjeweler34 Washington


ClarkMetcalf B.silversmith4 Harvard Place

ClarkeJohnwatchmaker431 Washington

CollH. J.jeweler282 Washington


Crosby & Brown(Samuel T. Crosby and Seth E. Brown)silversmiths, jewelers, and watchmakers8 Court Avenue


Currier & Trott(Richard Currier and Peter Trott)jeweler 

CurtisThomas M.silversmith 

CushmanCharles M.jeweler137 Hanover


CutlerEbenjeweler217 Washington

DarlingBenjamin F.manufacturing jeweler1 Court Avenue

DavisSamuelwatch importer3 Milk

DavisWilliam N.jeweler 

DelanoCharles T.jeweler 

DelanoThomas Ingallsmanufacturing jeweler1 Court Avenue

DodgeJohnwatchmaker217 Washington



EllmsHenry S.silversmith 

ElsonHermanwatchmaker295 1/2 Washington

ElsonJuliuswatchmaker129 Washington

FairbanksJames H.watchmaker 

Farrington & Hunnewell(John Farrington and George Hunnewell)silversmiths4 Court Avenue

FederhenJacobjeweler5 Hanover

FederhenJohn, jrjeweler53 Court Avenue

FennoJamesjeweler and watchmaker 


FolsomRufuswatchmakerCourt corner Hanover

FordJames M.jeweler32 Court Avenue

FordWilliam E.silversmith 

Foster G(eorge) B.watches and silver wares29 Tremont Row

GardnerJosephwatchmaker121 Washington


Geer & Turrill(Charles E. Turrill and George P. Geer)watches and jewelry367 Washington

GodfreyZ(achariah) M(arquand) T(hayer)silversmith7 1/2 Devonshire

GoldsmithWilliamjeweler and optician131 Washington

GoodingHenrywatchmaker12 State

GoodingJosiahwatchmaker83 Washington

Gordon & Co.(Charles P. and George B. Gordon)silversmiths6 Court Avenue

GrayWilliam H.jeweler159 Washington


GuildHenrymanufacturing jeweler4 Court Avenue

HaddockHenrysilversmith5 Court Avenue

HalstrickJosephsilversmith293 Wasington

HamptonSamueljeweler and watchmaker68 Haymarket Square

HardingFrancissilversmith12 Court Square

HardingNewellsilversmith12 Court Square

HardingWilliam N.silversmith12 Court Square

HartLewis J.watches and jewelry414 Washington

HastingsDavid B.jeweler and watchmaker421 Washington

HastingsJoshuawatchmaker422 Washington


HaynesAdolphus F.silversmith 

Heinemann & Jenkins(Barnard Heinemann and Nathaniel Jenkins)jewelers and watchmakersCourt corner Hanover

HellbaenbergE.watches and jewelry607 Washington

HerseyBenjamin A.jeweler 

Hews & Co(Abraham and Augustus H. Hews)jewelers165 Washington


HinkleyHenry H.watchmaker1 North Market

HodierneWilliamwatchmaker34 Washington

HolmesAaronwatchmaker16 Washington

HolwayPhilipwatches and jewelry204 Hanover

HornEdwin B.watchmaker14 Hanover

Howard & Davis(Edward Howard and David P. Davis)clocks and scales34 Water

HoweJubalwatchmaker226 Washington



IrelandThomasjeweler and watchmaker134 Hanover

Jacobs & Co(C. E. Jacobs and Morris Solomon)jewelers and watchmakers2 1/2 Hanover

JepsonWilliamwatchmaker7 Elm

JohnsonCharles P.silversmith 

JohnsonGeorge, jrsilversmith 

JohnsonMerrill C.silversmith 

JohnsonT. S.watchmaker29 Tremont Row

JonesArtemas S.watchmaker377 Washington

JonesWilliamwatchmaker52 Union

Jones, Ball & Poor(George B. Jones, True M. Ball and Nathaniel C. Poor)jewelers and watchmakers226 Washington

KemloFranciswatchmaker18 Congress

KendallDauphin C.jeweler77 Broad

KendallJameswatchmaker11 Hanover

KettellJoshua V.watchmaker32 Court

KeyesEdwardwatchmaker253 Washington

KimballJohnjeweler57 Court Avenue


KnappJessejeweler129 Hanover

Kramer & Heyer(Matthias Kramer and William A. Heyer)clocks and fancy goods48 Cornhill

KriderPeter L.silversmith 

Laforme & Brother(Vincent and Francis J. Laforme)silversmiths1 Spring Lane

LangfordA.jeweler16 Washington

LauschCharles P.silversmith 


LemmeCharlesmanufacturing jewelerrear 147 Washington

LemoyneWilliamsilversmithrear 301 Washington

LewisAlexander H.silversmith12 Court Square

LewisJ(ohn) A.silversmith12 Court Square

LewisSeth W.silversmith 

LewyMorris D.watchmaker41 Hanover

Lincoln & Foss(Albert L. Lincoln and Charles M. Foss)jewelers65 Washington

LockeJames S.silversmith 

LomanJ.manufacturing jeweler 

LordWilliam H.jeweler 

LoringGeorge H.jeweler 

LothropEbenmanufacturing jeweler4 Harvard Place

MahnFrederickwatchmaker32 Washington

ManleyAlbert A.silversmith 

MarshallEdward M.watchmaker76 Hanover

MartinValentinemanufacturing jeweler32 Washington

MaynardWilliam T.jeweler 

McKay & Co(William P. McKay, Henry T. Spear, and J. W. L. Brown)jewelers and watchmakers195 Washington

MecumHoratio H.jeweler 

MeekSamuelmanufacturing jeweler4 Court Avenue

Mills & Forristall(Elisha Mills and Philander Forristall)jewelers and watchmakers8 Market Square


Morse & Co(Henry D. Morse and M. C. Glover)manufacturing jewelers228 Washington


MullanWilliamjeweler and watchmaker9 State

MullanWilliamjeweler9 State

MunroeCharles A. B.manufacturing jeweler1 Summer

MunroeDanielwatchmaker150 Court

NeilsonWilliammanufacturing jeweler215 Washington

NewhallWilliam H.clockmaker182 Washington


NorrisCharles C.manufacturing jewelerBromfield

O'ConnellMauricewatchmaker226 Ann

OsgoodJohn, jrwatchmaker 

Palmer & Batchelder(Julius A. Palmer and Josiah G., Isaac M. and Augustus E, Batchelder)jewelers and watchmakers91 Washington

ParsonsE. W.watchmaker91 Washington

Paton & Brother silversmiths19 Harvard Place

Pear & Bacall(Edward Pear and Thomas Bacall)silversmiths5 Avery

PerkinsM.watchmaker120 Hanover

PerkinsMatthewwatchmaker120 Hanover

Perry & Co(William Perry jr and John Federhen jr)watches2 Hanover

PierceAlbert A.watches60 Blackstone

PierceThomas P.silversmith 

PondWilliamwatchmaker61 Commercial

Pond & Barnes(Luke Pond and Horace Barnes)clockmakers71 and 73 Hanover

PorterGeorge E.watchmaker7 Congress

PrattJosephjeweler and watchmaker119 Court

PrattWilliamjeweler and watchmaker16 Hanover

Pratt & Sons(Daniel and Daniel T. Pratt and Benjamin Boyce)clockmakersUnion corner Marshall

PrinceAbrahamjeweler295 Washington


RaymondFreeman C.jeweler and watchmaker229 Washington

ReadGeorge S.silversmith 

RedfrenEdward C.watchmaker67 Washington

RegallyM.clock and watchmaker4 School

ReistleCharles P.silversmith 

RiceLuther G.watchmaker226 Washington

RichObadiahsilversmith8 Court Place

RichardsJohn L.watches, etc1 and 2 Holmes Block

Ridgeway & Son(John and John, jr Ridgeway)jewelers34 Cambridge

RogersAugustussilversmith1 Court Avenue

RoncatiPaulwatchmaker20 Harvard Place

RoundyWilliam H.jeweler 

SawinJohnclockmaker66 Court


ShedJames A.jeweler 

ShermanCharles J. F.jeweler and watchmaker77 Ann

ShowdyJohn H.manufaturing jeweler52 Washington

SibleyFreeman K.watches27 Cambridge

SimpsonThomas W.manufacturing jeweler5 Hanover

Skinner & Sweet(Alvah Skinner and J. S. Sweet)jewelers17 Hanover



SmithGeorge M.watchmaker 


SouthwickHenry J.clockmaker 

StanwoodHenry B.watches, silver wares, etc253 Washington

StanwoodJoseph E.silversmith20 Hawley

SutherlandGeorgejeweler144 Hanover

SuttonEnochwatchmaker389 Washington

SweetJohn H.manufacturing jeweler8 Court Avenue

SymondsJosephjeweler15 Franklin

TarbellEdmundwatchmaker70 Turnpike

TarbellJohnwatchmaker121 Washington

TaylorThomaswatchmaker91 Washington

ThompsonCharles W.watchmaker9 Washington


ThompsonSamuel G.jeweler 

ThompsonSamuel N.watches and jewelry377 Washington

ThompsonSamuel N.watches and jewelry377 Washington


TowanJosephwatchmaker34 Sumner

TowneHoartiowatchmaker226 Washington

VellingerL. F.watchmaker555 Washington

WarrenCharles W.jeweler 

WashburnDavid E.watchmaker 

WashburnJoseph H.watchmaker 

WatsonJohnwatchmaker65 Washington

WentworthJasonjeweler238 Washington

WessonGeorge B.silversmith 

WestCharles silversmith 

WestonJamesclockmaker8 Eliot


WhitonEbedsilversmith6 Court Avenue

WhitonGeorgewatchmaker121 Washington


WhittredgeGeorgemanufacturing jeweler7 Court Avenue

WillardJosiah, jrjewelers and watchmaker238 Washington

WillardJosiah, jrjeweler and watchmaker238 Washington

WillardSimonwatches and chronometers9 Congress

WilsonCharleswatchmaker34 Washington

WilsonCharles Q.watchmaker 

WohlfordLudwig E.jeweler69 Washington

WoodBenjaminjeweler and watchmaker 

WoodBenjamin B.jeweler and watchmaker139 Washington

WoodN(athaniel) G.jeweler and watchmaker1 Hanover Court

Woodward & Grosjean(John H. Woodward and Charles Grosjean)silversmiths13 Court Square

ZaneJacob S.jeweler 

ZirnFranzjeweler154 Washington

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