in McElroy's 1839 Philadelphia Directory


Abbey Charles gold beater 22 Pear

Abercrombie John D. jeweler 141 South 6th

Allen Cairns silverplater Shuster's Court

Allison Andrew pewterer rear 11 Mead Alley

Allison William jeweler 11 Passayunk Road

Alrich Peter gilder 124 Coates

Altemus William gilder 373 Coates

Annin & Dreer   jewelers rear 115 Chestnut

Annin John jeweler rear 115 Chestnut

Ansbey George silverplater 34 Sugar allley

Antrim Charles W. watchmaker corner Brown and Marshall

App Samuel watchmaker Frankkford near Queen

Ash George goldbeater 10 Hubbell

Ashmen James J silverplater 20 Library

Atherton Mathew watchmaker 26 Perry

Atherton Nathan watchmaker 26 Perry

Austen David silversmith Lawrence above Wallace

Bailey & Kitchen   jewelers and silversmiths 136 Chestnut

Bailey J. G. jeweler 136 Chestnut

Baily William watchmaker 357 High

Baker & Schriver   jewelers rear 118 Chestnut

Baker Edwin G. A. jeweler rear 118 Chestnut

Barbeir Stephen P. metallic ornament manufacturer 127 Buttonwood

Bard Conrad silversmith  

Barras Joseph J. jeweler 20 Franklin Pllace

Baton Augustus jeweler 5 Bank Alley

Baylis John german silver manufacturer 184 High

Beck Henry watchmaker 63 North 3rd

Beesleyhaven John jeweler 286 Lombard

Belknap Stephen jeweler 214 North 5th

Bennett C. W. jeweler 188 Chestnut

Bennett Jacob silversmith 18 Minor

Bennett James silversmith 185 South 7th

Bennett Purden jeweler 7 Somers Court

Benyaurd Eugene C. jeweler 200 Queen

Bero Ferdinand silversmith  

Biernsen Thomas clock & watchmaker 49 South 10th

Bingham James jeweler 475 Sassafras

Bishop Edward jeweler 7th above Poplar

Bishop Victor importer of jewelry 22 South 5th

Black John watchmaker 64 Cedar

Blank John silverplater Pearl above 8th

Blidenburg & Giles   mathmatical instrument makers 130 South Front

Bonsall Edward C. jeweler 63 Gaskill

Borhek Charles G. watchmaker 38 Cedar

Borhek Edward jeweler 52 Chestnut

Boute Lewis Charles watchmaker 19 Branch

Brady William gold beater rear 10 South 5th

Brechemin Lewis jeweler 120 South 2nd

Brewer Thos A. watchmaker 199 Callowhill

Bull Marcus goldbeater 20 Pear

Burkhard Thomas silverplater 21 North 7th

Burton Jacob silversmith corner 9th and Nectarine

Butler Henry silversmith 83 Tammany

Cammer Wm silverplater Prince below Palmer

Campbell Andrew silverplater 32 Crown

Carrow I. jeweler corner 3rd and Chestnut

Carter George M. jeweler Carpenter above 3rd

Child John clock & watchmaker 452 North 2nd

Clark & Hartley   watchmakers 11 South 4th

Clark B. & E. watchmakers corner Front and High

Clark Benjamin watchmaker 1 South Front

Clark Ellis watchmaker 1 South Front

Clark Thomas W. watchmaker 11 South 4th

Clark Wm & Son mathmatical instrument maker 122 South Front

Cline Charles silverplater corner Rose and School

Cline Philip silverplater Old York Road and Franklin

Coates Isaac watchmaker 158 Wood

Coffin Lewis lapidary Elizabeth near Poplar

Coffin William C. lapidary 5 Bank Alley

Coffman William jeweler 5 Whitaker's Court

Cork John silverplater 20 Lloyd's Court

Cowdrick Charles H. silverplater 61 Tammany

Crocker W. S. watchmaker 16 South 10th

Crocks Frederick silverplater Liberty Alley

Crox Frederick silverplater Liberty Alley

Cure Jule F. watchmaker & jeweler 149 South 6th

Curry John silversmith 76 Chestnut

Danul James H. jeweler 397 Walnut

David Lewis A. silversmith Carpenter below 6th

Dickey North mathmatical instrument maker 31 North 13th

Dickinson John diamond setter 28 Sansom

Diker Philip silverplater 341 North 6th

Doull James watch maker corner 4th and Spruce

Dreden R. jeweler 8 Cypress Alley

Dreer Ferdinand J. jeweler 172 South 4th

Droz Charles A. watchmaker 118 Walnut

Drysdale William watches & jewelry 8 South 5th

Dubosq, Baton & Co   jewelers 5 Bank Alley

Dubosq & Carrow   jewelers corner 3rd and Chestnut

Dubosq Francis P. jeweler corner 3rd and Chestnut

Dubosq George jeweler Wecacoe

Dubosq Henry jeweler 124 Catharine

Dubosq Peter jeweler Swanson below Christian

Dubosq Philip L. jeweler 3rd above Catharine

Dubosq Theodore jeweler Ridge road above 11th

Dubosq William A. jeweler 5 Bank Alley

Ducommun H. clock & watchmaker 29 South 4th

Dunlevy Robert Jr. silversmith 7 Lodge Alley

Eckert Valentine jeweler 28 Wood

Eckfeldt Charles silverplater 130 North 13th

Ellis Samuel O. jeweler 18 Plum

Engard Samuel watch maker corner Front and Green

Englebert C. W. gold & silversmith 95 Chestnut

Englehart Charles M. jeweler rear 25 New Market

Erwin Henry watchmaker 167 Chestnut

Faber William silversmith 124 W 5th

Farr John C. & Co watches & jewelry 74 High

Fletcher & Bennett   jewelers 188 Chestnut

Fletcher Thomas jeweler 188 Chestnut

Flood James jeweler 123 Prime

Francks William silverplater 143 Buttonwood

Franks William silversmith 143 Buttonwood

Frederick John H. jeweler 59 Cherry

Freeman Wm silversmith 10 Marble Place

Friedline John L. jeweler Carpenter above Parker

Fries John watchmaker 160 North 2nd

Fries P. watchmaker 311 1/2 2nd

Garrett & Haydock   watch case makers 21 Franklin Place

Garrett Thomas C.   21 Franklin Place

George Anthony pewterer 7 Pennsylvania Avenue

Gigon C. & Brothers watch case makers 185 Pine

Gilpin Vincent C. jeweler  

Goldstone B. watchmaker 106 Cedar

Greene Wm jeweler 4 North 5th

Hacker Joseph silverplater rear 99 Mulberry

Hall John watchmaker 59 Dock

Halsel Charles silverplater Wiley's Court

Hamilton R. J. watchmaker 2 North 6th

Hand Joseph S. K. jeweler corner 3rd and Chestnut

Handle John silversmith rear 200 Christian

Hansell James watchmaker 236 High

Harpur Wm E. chronometer & watchmaker 80 South 3rd

Harrison Joseph pewterer Perkenpine's Court

Hartley Jeremiah watchmaker 11 South 4th

Hartley Samuel silversmith 4 Boyle's Court

Hastings John gold beater 120 North 5th

Hastings Robert gold beater 120 North 5th

Haydock Eden watch case maker 21 Franklin Place

Headman William watchmaker 44 North 7th

Heckman Archimedes silverplater & jeweler 79 North 2nd

Heileg John watchmaker 5 Ridge road

Helffricht Wm mathmatical instrument maker 25 South Front

Heller Jacob silverplater Marlborough above Prince

Helm Thomas watch case makers 147 Spring Garden

Hemphill Thos J. watchmaker 150 South 6th

Hinckley Robert H. jeweler 74 North 2nd

Hoffman Frederick silversmith Catharine above Lebanon

Hollinger A. watchmaker 370 South Front

Hopper Joseph M. watchmaker 120 Dillwyn

Hover Joseph E. silversmith rear 1 Bread

Hurtt John jeweler 22 Strawberry

Hutchinson Samuel watchmaker 231 High

Jacobs George W. jeweler 43 Chestnut

Jefferies E. jeweler 125 Chestnut

Johnston & Lewis   watchmakers 132 South Front

Johnston Robert watchmaker 132 South Front

Jones George W. silverplater 13 Julianna

Kean John W. jeweler 108 South 10th

Kennedy Hugh watchmaker 6 Norris Court

Kennedy John H. spectacle maker 2 North 8th

King John gold beater 48 Walnut

Kitchen A. B. jeweler 136 Chestnut

Klein John watchmaker 197 North 3rd

Knappe Philip jeweler 161 Cedar

Kolb Peter silverplater 1 Lee's courtt

Lancaster M. jeweler 9th below Coates

Law William watchmaker 13th above Shippen

Law William jeweler 142 Cedar

Lawrence Joseph silversmith 122 North Juniper

Le Hurray Nicholas J. watchmaker & jeweler 170 North 2nd

Lee George jeweler Prime above Front

Lescure Edward P. jeweler corner 3rd and High

Lesler Thomas spectacle maker 13 Commerce

Lewis John watchmaker 132 South Front

L'hulier Lewis jeweler Franklin Place

Lindner George silverware manufacturer 4th above Master

List John jeweler 353 South 6th

Louderback B jeweler 11th below Cedar

Lower Jacob silversmith 3 Lawrence

Lower Joseph silversmith rear 6 Carpenter

Lower William silversmith Jackson

Luhler C. jeweler Christian above 7th

Mahony Wm A. jeweler 480 South 2nd

Marshall & Tempest   jewelers 87 South 2nd

Marshall Joseph jeweler 87 South 2nd

Martin Patrick watchmaker rear 12 Marble

Massey Charles R. watchmaker 409 North 2nd

Masson Charles A. jeweler 198 Sassafras

M'Cann M. jeweler 1 Stamper's Alley

M'Coy George W. watch maker 410 North 2nd

M'Culley George H. watch maker 216 South 2nd

Mears Lewis J. jeweler rear 7 Elfreth's Alley

Mecke John watchmaker 359 1/2 North 3rd

Megear T. J. watchmaker 20 North 2nd

Menzies John watchmaker corner Front and Spruce

Mexter Godfrey silverplater Prince below Palmer

Meyers Albert S. silversmith 22 Castle

Miley John silverplater 5 Carlisle's Court

Miller William silversmith 76 North 2nd

M'Keen Henry watchmaker 142 High

M'Keever James jeweler 43 Chestnut

M'Mullen John silversmith 114 South Front

Moffett Benjamin jeweler 25 Passayunk Road

Monkman Mathers gold refiner 9 Franklin

Monnier Daniel watchmaker 240 South 2nd

Moore Robert jeweler 1 Elmslie's Alley

Morozzi Angelo jeweler 271 South 2nd

Morris William watchmaker 61 Gaskill

M'Pherson Robert watchmaker 14 German

M'Stocker Francis watchmaker 150 Cedar

Murphy Robert instrument maker 124 North Front

Murray Samuel A. spectacle maker 1 Ellen's Court

Murtel Perry silverplater 27 Emlin's Court

Neisser G. B. jeweler 465 North 3rd

Newman J. A. jeweler 27 Franklin Place

O'Daniel P. watchmaker 226 High

O'Ertel Charles E. jeweler 401 North 2nd

O'Neil Thomas jeweler Carlton above 12th

Ormsby Henry watchmaker 262 High

Owen J. & Co. jewelers 167 North 2nd

Painter Isaac silverplater Noble near Garden

Painter John S. silversmith 125 Germantown Road

Palethorp John H. pewterer 144 High

Palmer John J. jeweler 186 Queen

Palmer William H. silverplater 71 North 6th

Palmiter Silas C. clock manufacturer 149 North 5th

Parker Isaac watchmaker 13 South 3rd

Parrott Joseph watchmaker corner Vine and 13th

Patten William spectacle maker Arch and 6th

Paul Philip watchcase manufacturer 16 Bank

Paul S. & P. watchcase manufacturer 16 Bank

Paul Simon watchcase manufacturer 16 Bank

Peake Daniel silverplater Brown nearBedford

Peake Daniel silverplater Sarah near Queen

Peake Edward silverplater Sarah near Queen

Pepper H. J. watch maker 66 Chestnut

Peters James & Co. spectacle and thimble manufacturer 105 North 2nd

Peters William S. silver plater 5 Garden

Pfaff Augustus clockmaker 505 North 3rd

Phillips James jeweler and watchmaker Sassafras

Piquet Joseph jeweler 29 Beck

Plint John Frederick jeweler 1 Crown

Quandale Lewis watchmaker 92 High

Rambo Peter silverplater corner Union and Bedford

Rapp Wm D. watchmaker 256 Sassafras

Read Wm H. J. watch and clockmaker 44 Chestnut

Reed G. Washington watchmaker 3 1/2 North 3rd

Reed Isaac watchmaker 176 North 2nd

Reed Isaac & Son watchmakers 176 North 2nd

Reed Osmon watchmaker 176 North 2nd

Reynolds George W. silversmith 66 German

Rice Wm watchmaker and jeweler 394 North 2nd

Richards George jeweler 4th below M lane

Richards Hervey M. jeweler 11 Franklin Place

Richmond Wm silver plater 270 St. John

Riggs W. H. C. watchmaker 67 South Front

Riley Conrad silverplater 15 Ellen

Robbins Elisha silversmith Marlborough near Bedford

Robbins G. watchmaker 2 North 8th

Rodgers John pewterer 2 Williamson's Court

Russell George watchmaker 18 North 6th

Rutter Peter jeweler 16 Wharton

Schnaitmann Isaac spectacle maker 206 North 2nd

Schultz Gotlieb watchmaker 52 Brown

Sears Samuel jeweler 139 South 4th

Seckel John D. jeweler 462 South Front

Seeger C. F. silver plater 10 North 6th

Sekro William silver plater 80 North 9th

Sellers Joseph silver plater 27 North 7th

Serad John jeweler 9th below Coates

Seymour Edward jeweler 259 South 3rd

Shaw James jeweler 238 Frankford Road

Sheppard Reuben gold beater corner Haydock and Canal

Shewell Walter D. jeweler 32 Green

Shoemaker J. jeweler 366 North 2nd

Simpson John W. jeweler 17 Mercer

Simpson Thomas W. jeweler Locust above Dean

Sixte Vincent B. silversmith 1 Little Pine

Skerrett Joseph goldsmith 146 South 9th

Smart John watchmaker 306 High

Smith Charles R. watchmaker 4 Comptroller

Smith Frederick watchmaker 295 North 2nd

Smith George jeweler 55 Federal

Smith George C. jeweler Logan below Wallace

Smith Henry silver melter rear 385 Sassafras

Smith Jacob C. jeweler corner 13th and Marion

Smith James S. clockmaker 104 North 3rd

Smith John C. jeweler 196 1/2 Chestnut

Smith John C. jeweler 415 Sassafras

Smith Joseph E. jeweler 158 North 8th

Smith Levin H. silversmith Juniper above Locust

South William jeweler 147 South 3rd

Stephen Thomas H. silversmith 2 Nonnater's Court

Stockman Jacob thimble and pencil maker 60 Chestnut

Taylor & Lourie   silversmiths 5 Appletree Alley

Taylor George W thimble manufacturer 94 Chestnut

Taylor John G. jeweler Sober's Alley

Taylor Robert silversmith Wood above 4th

Tempest Robert jeweler 87 South 2nd

Thompson Peter silversmith 142 North 8th

Townsend Charles watchmaker 21 South 10th

Townsend Charles Jr. watchmaker 167 Chestnut

Trout George silverplater corner 9th and Maple

Vantine John L. watchmaker 122 North 3rd

Vonnieda Jacob jeweler 319 Callowhill

Ward Charles gold chaser 21 Franklin Place

Ward Edward H watchmaker 92 High

Ward J. & W. L. & Co watchmakers 92 High

Ward Jehu watchmaker 92 High

Ward John watchmaker 92 High

Ward William L. watchmaker 92 High

Warner C. watchmaker Washington below 11th

Warner John S. watchcase maker corner 4th and High

Warner Joseph silversmith 16 h 22

Warner Joseph P. watchcase maker rear 7 Chery

Warner Robert P watchcase maker 54 Lawrence

Warner William watchcase maker 90 Cherry

Warrington Samuel H. watchmaker corner Strawberry and High

Warwick Charles gold refiner 54 Fitzwater

Watling James silversmith 3 Short

Watts J. & W. silversmiths corner 2nd and Taylor's Alley

Watts James silversmith 3 Howard's Court

Weatherly D. watchmaker 81 North 3rd

Wenzell Benjamin jeweler 11 Jackson's Court

Whartonby Thomas silversmith Ridge Road below Buttonwood

Wilbank John bell founder and clock & watchmaker 262 High

Wilson R. & W. silversmiths corner 5th and Cherry

Wilson Robert silversmith corner 5th and Cherry

Wilson Thomas silversmith  

Wilson Thomas watchmaker Nectarine above 8th

Wilson Wm silversmith corner 5th and Cherry

Wishart B. silver burnisher 4 Kundle's Court

Witham & Newman   jewelers 27 Franklin Place

Witham E. jeweler 27 Franklin Place

Withington Samuel jeweler 12 South 8th

Wolf P. H. jeweler 142 1/2 Chestnut above 6th

Worrell Goodwin jeweler 10 Kessler's Court

Wriggins Thomas silversmith and jeweler corner 5th and Chestnut

Wygant George instrument maker 61 Garden

Young William J. instrument maker 9 Dock

Zane Jacob jeweler 462 South Front

Zeller William jeweler 135 Buttonwood

28 December 2009