in Lange's 1814 Philadelphia Directory

Note: This copy is incomplete, missing portions of sections N-O


AlbrechtCharlesinstrument maker95 Vine

AllenJohnsilversmith27 Coates

AndersonThomassilverplater3 Sterling Alley

AndersonWilliamsilverplater3 Sterling Alley

AndersonJohnspectacle frame makerJuniper near Vine

AnthonyMichael H.goldsmith94 High

AnthonyJosephgoldsmith94 High

ArmitageGeorgesilverplater438 Sassafras

ArmstrongAllengoldsmith, &c.225 Arch

BardierStephen P.jeweler81 North 2nd

BarnsB.pewter and tinplate worker13th and Filbert

BiggsThomasinstrument maker66 Front

BillionCharlesjeweler and watchmaker81 South 2nd

BlackJamesgoldsmith and jeweler123 Chesnut

BlockJohnsilversmith120 South Front

BoydParkespewterer89 North 2nd

BrewerWilliamclock- and watchmakerFriend's Alms House Walnut

BrittinJacobsilversmith2 Biddle Alley

BrownJohnsilverplater22 South 3rd

BrowneLibertysilversmith119 Chesnut

BummPetersilversmithQueen below 2nd

CalderwoodAndrewwatchmaker, &c.near 1st gate on Germantown Road

CarrWilliambright engraver2 Carter's Alley

CarverSamuelsilverplater161 Prune

ChaudronSimonsilversmith, jeweler, watchmaker5 South 3rd

ChaysenholderCharlesjeweler367 North 2nd

ChildJohnclock- and watchmaker452 North 2nd

ChitryPetersilversmith35 Pewterplatter Alley

ClarkHenrysilverplater2 Hoffman's Alley

ClarkEphraimwatchmaker (late)1 South Front

ClarkElliswatchmaker1 South Front

ClarkBenjaminwatchmaker1 South Front and 137 Race

ClarkB & Eclock- and watchmaker1 South Front SE corner High

ClarkeJessewatchmaker227 South 2nd

CorneliusChristiansilverplater38 North 8th

CowanWilliam D.silversmith452 South Front

CrowleyJohnclock- and watchmaker130 South Front

CureLouisjeweler and watchmaker193 North 3rd

DauceSimonjeweler and lapidary5 Cherry

DavenportWilliaminstrument maker45 South Front

DavenportRobertjeweler1 Laurel

DawsonJonasclock- and watchmaker397 High

DoblemanFredericksilversmithTammany above 4th

DrozCharlesclock- and watchmaker149 Walnut

Droz (Charles) & Sons (Charles A. and Philip) clock- and watchmaker149 Walnut

DumourierJosephgoldsmith184 South Front

DumoutetJ(ohn) B(aptiste)goldsmith55 and 57 South 2nd

EatonA.silverplater104 South 10th

EisenbrandHenryinstrument maker46 North 4th

EllisHughsilverplater194 and below 239 High

EvansWilliam M.clock- and watchmaker307 High

FileD(avid)silverplater9 Pennsylvania Avenue

FletcherThomasjewelerSE corner Chesnut and 4th

Fletcher (Thomas Charles) & Gardiner (Sydney) silversmith, jewelerSE corner Chesnut and 4th

FlingDanielclock- and watchmaker82 North 4th

FrederickJohn G.instrument maker48 North 11th

FurstM(oritz)die sinker and seal cutter145 South 3rd

GalbraithPatrickclock- and watchmaker36 Cedar

Gallard & CompanyPeterjeweler113 1/2 North 3rd

GardinerSydneygoldsmith78 South 4th

GardinerBaldwinjewelerSW corner Chesnut and 3rd

GarrenAnthonygoldsmith220 South 7th

GarrettPhilipclock- and watchmaker144 High

GaudichandPeterjeweler12 Franklin Court

GeleyPeterlapidary3 Elbow Lane

GermonJohngoldsmith, &c.3 Quarry

GermonGreenberry and silversmith28 Knuckel

GethenJohnsilversmith170 South Front

GovettGeorgeclock- and watchmakercorner High and Front

GrantWilliamgold- and silversmith387 North 3rd

GravelleR(ene) L.jeweler12 North 2nd

GuerinAnthonyjeweler24 Oak

HallJohnclock- and watchmakerSE corner Front and Chesnut

HarperThomas W.silversmithPine above 9th

HartmanPhilipgold- and silversmith27 South 2nd

HenderonStephensilverplater12 North 7th

HeraChristianpewterer230 South 3rd

HerilsFrancisgoldsmith14 Soth 4th

HildeburnS(amuel)clock- and watchmaker132 South Front

HiltonWilliamsilversmithHamilton Village

HognetAugustuswatchmaker58 High

HornHenrysilverplater248 chesnut and 16 South 6th

Horn (Henry) & Kneass (Christian) silverplater16 South 6th

HumphreysThomassilversmithbehind 312 Race

InmanBenjaminsilversmithBolton's Court

JacksonEphraimsilverplaterCauffman's Court

JoubertP(eter)goldsmith240 South 2nd

KelleyDavidjeweler and watchmaker227 North 2nd

KingJohnsilverplater135 Mulberry

KingWilliamsilverplater, &c.137 Mulberry

KneassChristiansilverplater245 High

KucherJacobsilversmith23 Julianna

LagazzeJohnjeweler74 Dock

LamvineA.watchmaker176 North 5th

LaretMichaeljeweler14 Franklin Court

LatimerJameswatchmaker92 1/2 Chesnut

LawsJohnsilverplater252 High

Le HurayN(icholas)watchmaker and shopkeeper227 North 2nd

LemoineA.watchmaker176 North 5th

LevisWilliamsilversmith18 North Front

LevyMartinwatchcase maker132 Vine

LevyMichaelclock- and watchmaker216 North 5th

LewisHarveysilversmith12 South 2nd

LinkPeterjeweler83 North 5th

LittleWilliamsilverplaterGerman Road near 1st gate

LongWilliamsilversmith20 Cherry

LowerJosephsilversmith18 Dock

LownesJosephsilversmith124 South Front

MarrsRobertsilverplater14 Greenleaf Court

Marshall (Joseph) & Tempest (Robert) goldsmiths, &c.87 South 2nd

McElweeJameswatchmaker20 North 2nd

McMullinJamesgoldsmith114 and 120 South Front

MenziesJohnclock- and watchmaker140 South Front

MillerWilliamjeweler100 North 2nd

Mills*Johnsilversmith161 Lombard

MilneEdmundlate silversmith81 Green

OwenJohnsilversmith11 North 3rd

ParkeSolomonclock- and watchmaker146 North Front

ParkerThomasclock- and watchmaker13 South 3rd

ParryJohn J.clock- and watchmaker287 High

PattonAbrahamclock- and watchmaker44 High

Patton (Abraham) & Jones (Benjamin) watchmaker44 High

PealeJamesclockmaker455 South 2nd

PerpignanPetergoldsmith357 North 3rd

PheilDavidsilverplater62 Tammany

PickeringJohnclockmakerWiley's Alley near Vine

PoincyPeterjeweler266 North 2nd

PointeJamesgoldsmith17 South 2nd

PouponAugustinejeweler79 Race

PricePhilip, Jr.clock- and watchmaker31 South 4th

PromiseWilliamjeweler98 North 3rd

QuandaleLewisclock- and watchmaker69 Chesnut

RaschAnthonysilversmith118 High

ReedFrederickwatchmaker150 High and 15 North 5th

ReileyWilliamsilverplaterHoffman's Alley

RenowdJohnjeweler42 Gaskill

RichardsSamuelgold- and silversmith136 South Front and Limehouse 3 Dock

RileyWilliamsilverplater86 North 6th

RileyJohnsilverplaterHoffman's Alley

SandozPhilip Augustusjeweler12 Fetter Lane

SaulnierJosephsilverplater438 Sassafras

SchreinerCharles W.clock- and watchmaker73 North 3rd

SenemudJohn B.goldsmith126 South 4th

ShoemakerJosephsilversmith12 North Front

SimpsonDavidsilverplater2 Locust

SkerrettJosephgoldsmithShield's Alley

SmithJacobsilversmith206 North 8th

SonnierJosephjeweler74 Dock

SteadmanAlexandersilversmithbehind 71 Green

SteelRobertsilverplater223 Callowhill above 6th

Steel(Robert) & Field (Samuel) silverplater55 North 7th

StollenwerckP(eter) M(artin)clock- and watchmaker11th above High

SturgisJosephwatchmaker7 Fitzwalter

SwanRobertsilversmith77 South 2nd

TanguayPeterjeweler69 Cedar

TanguayJohnjeweler33 North 3rd

TempestR(obert)goldsmith94 Cedar

TiboltFelixjeweler41 Almond and corner of Carter's Alley and 2nd

ThibaultFrancis, Frederick, and Felixjewelers66 South 2nd

TownsendJ(ohn), Jr.clock- and watchmaker180 South 2nd

TownsendC(harles)clock- and watchmaker105 Chesnut

TrothWilliamgoldsmith61 North 8th

VoightThomasclock- and watchmaker44 North 7th

UrwilerGeorgesilver refiner286 St. John

WalkerWilliamjeweler381 South 2nd

WalkerGeorgegoldsmith19 North 3rd

WardJehusilversmith and watchmaker145 Chesnut and 37 North 3rd

WardIsaacclock- and watchmaker37 North 3rd

Ward (Isaac) & Govett (George) watchmaker23 North 2nd

WarnerWilliamwatchcase maker21 Greenleaf Court

WarnerJosephsilversmith22 Greenleaf Court

WarrenBenjaminsilverplater390 Race

WarringtonJohnwatchmaker176 South Front

WeatherlyDavidclock- and watchmaker81 North 3rd

WebbRobertjeweler57 Shippen

WestphallFerdinandwatchmaker225 South 5th

WestphallCharles W.jeweler and watchcase maker114 Race

WhartenbyThomassilversmith47 Shippen

WhiteJosephclock- and watchmaker3 Callowhill

WhitecarJohnjeweler304 South 3rd

WhitleyThomasinstrument maker6th above Camac

WilsonRobertsilversmith145 Vine

WiltbergerChristiangold- and silversmith13 North 2nd

* marked as "Colored"

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