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Lewis Veron
  • Born: 1793, Boston MA
  • Died: 1853, Philadelphia PA

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  • He was a partner in 1815-1826 with Baldwin Gardiner in Philadelphia PA as GARDINER & VERON, fancy hardware merchants with a shop at 93 Chestnut Street.
  • Letter to Charles Fletcher
    Private Collection

    Birmingham 5th June 1817

    Dear Charles,

                      I have been quite disappointed in not hearing from you since we parted. I should have written you before had I not been so busily employed but really till within a few weeks I have scarcely found time to write to my mother & sisters.

                      I was glad to hear from Mr. Fletcher in a letter dated soon after I left Phila that you had received a part of the stolen Goods, but I have not heard any thing further on the business since. I hope soon to be favored with more particulars from you, but don't fill your letter with the subject only, as Mr. F did -- he began and ended with an account of all the Cobblers Shops, Oyster Cellars, and Knocking Shops to be found in Philad and Baltimore.

                      I expected you would have written me a long letter and let me know how you are getting on, and what alterations have taken place in the circle of our female friends, as you are a great Beaux amongst them, and the only one in our family who would feel interested in writing about such affairs. I look to you for every particular. You know what it is Charles to be tickled with the feathers of Cupid and how gratifying it would be for me to receive your remarks on the state of matters & things in Philad. I allude to you and Miss H. R. therefore don't misconstrue these few lines. I suppose you have made considerable progress into her good graces -- I was agoing to get you to convey a message to a young lady in Philad but upon second thought I concluded it would be improper to do so through a Gent, therefore we'll say nothing about you know who I mean --

                      If I should not receive any letters from you before you receive this, I shall certainly calculate upon your writing me after, and then you must not fail to mention everything that you think will be interesting --

                      Among the goods I have sent Baldwin, are some well calculated for your Sales and I hope to hear that you have favored us with a portion of your business -- certainly no one can furnish you with better articles or cheaper, but of this you must be the best judge --

                      I was thinking the other day how rapidly my time passed away, it seems almost impossible that it can be nearly seven months since I left Philad, it is a pretty good proof that I have been well employed and after passing as many more in this Country I shall prepare for my departure to join you in Philad, tho I could almost wish to remain on account of the advantages to trading goods here --

                      You must remember me to all my acquaintances and be sure to write to your

    sincere friend

    Lewis Veron

  • Advertised in the Philadelphia Gazette and Daily Advertiser (Philadelphia PA), 17 May 1823, for BALDWIN & VERON.
  • He worked in 1826-1841 as a fancy goods merchant in Philadelphia PA continuing, after Baldwin Gardiner left for New York City, as LEWIS VERON & Co. The firm had substanitial contracts suppling goods for the redecoration of the White House under Jackson and Van Buren.
    A bill of 25 November 1829 amounted to $9,358.27 and included:
    318-light cut-glass chandeliers$1,800.00
    3sets heavy bronzed chain and hooks for ditto$75.00
    13-light centre lamp supported by female figures$65.00
    2 astral lamps for round table$65.00
    4 pair light mantle lamps, with drops$356.00
    4 pair vases, flowers and shades, fine paintings$200.00
    8 5-Iight bracket lights, bronzed and gilt$300.00
    4 bronzed and steel fenders, new style$120.00
    4 sets fire brasses, with pokers$40.00
    4 pair chimney hooks$12.00
    4 astral lamps on pier tables$100.00
    4 pair vases, flowers, and shades$120.00
    3 round tables, black and gold slabs$335.00
    4 pier tables with Italian slabs$700.00
    4 mantle glasses, rich gilt frames, French plates, 100 by 58 inches$2,000.00
    6 blue and yellow window curtains$630.00
    1 large window curtain$210.00
    498 yds. fine Brussels carpet and border$1,058.25
    4 Imperial rugs$68.00
    24 arm-chairs and 4 sofas, stuffed and covered, mahogany work
    entirely refinished, and cotton covers
     ornamental rays over the door$25.00
    84 gilt stars$17.50
     white curtains inside the blue and yellow$75.00
    20 spittoons$12.50

    Another, from 1837, included:
    4Mantel glasses, rich gilt frames, French plates, 1oo by 58 inches$2,000.00
    4Pier Looking-glasses in rich gilt frames (108 by 54)$2,400.00
    2Mirrors for Green Room$700.00
    9Mirrors for Dining Room$700.00
     Reframing 2 looking-glasses$100.00
    3Chandeliers for the East Room$3,300.00
    318-Iight cut-glass Chandeliers$1,800.00
    3sets heavy bronzed Chairs and Rockers for do$75.00
    4pairs 2-light mantel Lamps with drops$356.00
    85-light bracket lights bronzed and gilt$300.00
    4 Pier-table lamps$180.00
    2 3-light lamps for East Room$150.00
    1 2-light lamp for the Upper Hall$57.50
    2 3-light do. Lower do$150.00
    4 Astral Lamps on pier tables $100.00
    1 4-light Hall Lamp$100.00
    1 pair Bracket Lights$60.00
    1 3-light Centre Lamp, supported by Female Figure$65.00
    2 Astral lamps for round tables$65.00
    2 pairs plated Candlesticks and branches$85.00
    2 do. Chamber$18.00
    6 do. do$57.00
    9 do. Table$ 76.50
    18 extra cut Lamp Glasses$26.00
    4 French bracket lights for East Room$300.00
    1 pair mantel lamps for Audience Room$20.00
    3 hall chandeliers$150.00
    1 octagon hall lamp$1400
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