Based on research done by Elizabeth D. Beckman, compiled after her death by Maurice R. Meslans, and edited by Wm Erik Voss

g = goldsmith, s = silversmith, j = jeweler, w = watchmaker, c = clockmaker


AbbeyHenry S.AkronSummit1853-72g, w, jnothing found to indicate he was anything besides a clockmaker, though he retailed goods

AckleyCharles C WarrenTrumbull1875-90s, json of Joel

AckleyJoel WoodworthFowlerTrumbull1835-50j 

AckleyLott W.PainesvilleLake1853-64jbirth: abt 1810 in New York; death: 21 JAN 1885 in Painesville, Lake, Ohio

AckleyThaddeus D.WarrenTrumbull1860-90s, json of Joel

AckleyWilliam DouglasWarrenTrumbull1890-1920s, json of Thaddeus

AdamsJohnSteubenville 1808w 

AdamsThomas J.WoodsfieldMonroe1853  

AikenCharles G.ClevelandCuyahoga1856  

Aiken (Charles) & Coon (Jeremiah) ClevelandCuyahoga1856j 

AlbertsonJoseph R.ClevelandCuyahoga1849-58j 


AllenBenjamin A.SpringfieldClark1856-8ojborn 1816 in VA; listed in the 1880 Springfield census as a jeweler

Amsden (Austin O.) & Dickinson (George W.) AshtabulaAshtabula1859-72j, c, wthe partners were related by marriage; Amsden sold out to his partner for a short time, moving to California for his health. He returned in 1877 and took up the trade again with his sons Arther and Lewis.

AndersonDavid BushMariettaWashington1817-54s, j 

AndersonDavid Bush, Jr. & BrothersMariettaWashington1854-72s, j, wwith brothers Henry and Joseph

AnthiaumeJean B.GallipolisGallia1790  




AubertC. N.DaytonMontgomery1856j 

AxmanCharlesGermantownMontgomery1853-72j, c, w 

BabcockJ. A.PainesvilleLake1850-3  

BackusAlexanderColumbusFranklin1841-50j, c, w, s 
  DefianceDefiance1853j, c, w, s 

BairdRobert A.RavennaPortage1850-61j 

Baird (Robert) & Waite RavennaPortage1859-64  

BakerJosephWilmingtonClinton1850-53j, w, slisted in 1850 census as a silversmith; by 1860 he had moved on to Lebanon, where he is listed in the '60, '70, and '80 census as a jewelry and watch dealer

BaldwinE. J.ColumbusFranklin1851jlisted in 1850 city directory at the shop of Blynn (William) and Baldwin (Thomas) Jewelers

BaldwinC. E.ColumbusFranklin1870-1880jlisted in the 1880 census as a dealer in jewelry

BaldwinJ. C.ColumbusFranklin1870-1880jlisted in the 1880 census as a dealer in jewelry; living with C. E Baldwin in the house of Henry Dietz

BaldwinThomas S.ColumbusFranklin1851wlisted in 1850 city directory at the shop of Blynn (William) and Baldwin Jewelers

BangsJ. J.MaumeeLucasc 1830-1840j, wlisted in the 1837 city directory

BangsJohnChillicotheRoss1839-68j, w 

BapstC. H.MiddletownButler1856j 

BarkdullLevi C.ChillecotheRoss1838-68j, s, w 

Barkdull (Levi) & Clark (A. J.) ChillecotheRoss1838  

BarrettGeorge B.CadizHarrison1856-64j, c, w 

BartholomewH. M.Chagrin FallsCuyahoga1853  

BaxterWilliam H.UrbanaChampaign1850-72s 

Baxter (William) & Benjamin UrbanaChampaign1853  

BeanR. A. or R. S.DaytonMontgomery1853-56j 


BennerJ. F.New LisbonColumbiana1853-61j 

BentonLucius A.ClevelandCuyahoga1850-80j, w, sWorked in the 1840's for Crittenden, Benton & Maihivet; listed in the 1880 census as a jeweler

BestEdwardDaytonMontgomery1860-80json of Henry; listed in the 1880 census as a jeweler

BestHenryDaytonMontgomery1850-72j, c, wborn 21 November 1804 in Cincinnati, died 26 January 1873 in Dayton

BestThomasLebanonWarren1822-36j, c, w, s 

BiesenthalSoloman RalphHamiltonButlerc 1850-1855j, wborn in Prussia; went on to work in Lexington KY until 1899

BinningerWolfgangLancasterFairfield1853-80j, wborn in Germany; listed in the 1880 census as a jeweler in his son's household

BinningerPhilemonLancasterFairfield1860-1880jborn in Lancaster c 1844, son of Wolfgang; listed as a jeweler in the 1880 census; Harry Boyer, a nephew, is also listed as a jeweler

BisbeeC. A.ChardonGeauga1850-68  

BixbyEdwinIrontonLawrence1850-72j, c, w, slisted in the 1880 census as a keeper of clocks and watches

BlacknerJohn L.ClevelandCuyahoga1836-37w 



BlissJonathanClevelandCuyahoga1815sbrother of William; only stayed a short time before returning to NY



Blynn (William) & Baldwin (Thomas S.) ColumbusFranklin1850-59  


BortonBethelWashingtonGuernsey1816c, w, s 

BortonBethelWashingtonGuernsey1856j, w 
  WinchesterGuernsey1880jlisted in the 1880 census as a jeweler

BouvierDanielZanesvilleMuskingum1815c, w, s 


BratinA. R.GreenfieldHighland1856j 

Briggs (T. C.) & Co. ClevelandCuyahoga1856j 

BrownGeorgeSt. ClairsvilleBelmont1820-72j, c, w 

BrownJ. B.St. ClairsvilleBelmont1826j, c, w 

BrownJ. H.ColumbusFranklin1848s 

Brown (J. H.) & Bach ColumbusFranklin1851  

BrownW. B.Mt.VernonKnox1859-72  

BrunnerT. K.CirclevillePickaway1859-72j, c, w 

BufflerFrankDarrtownBurtler1859-72j, c, w 

BurgerJ. & G.WinesburgHolmes1853  

BurkhartWilliam H.BucyrusCrawford1856-64j, w 

Burkhart (William H.) & Lake (Charles)   1864-66  

BurrRaymondDelewareDeleware1850-64j, w 

Burrell (John W.) & Co. ElyriaLorain1850-53  


ButchL. C.LancasterFairfield1856-70s 

ButlerMorganNew Phila.Tocarawas1853-64  

CahillR. F.FinleyHancock1853  

CambellJamesSteubenvilleJefferson1808j, c, w, s 

CambellR. E.RavennaPortage1849-53j, c, w 

CanneffJ. W.ToledoLucas1853-72  

Cantrovitz & Shrier ClevelandCuyahoga1853  

CareyMansonLexingtonRichland1853-72jborn 4 Oct 1820 in Wyoming PA; listed in the 1880 Lexington census as a jeweler

CarterO. G.NorwalkHuron1850-72  

CaryH.CrestlineCrawford1859-62j, w 


ChambersJacobEatonPreble1853-72s, jlisted in the 1880 Easton census as a jeweler

ChapmanHarveyKentonHardin1853-80jlisted in the 1880 Kenton census as a jeweler

Chapman (Harvey) & Rogers KentonHardin1853  

Charter (David M. & George) XeniaGreene1853-66j 


ClacknerJ. F.RavennaPortage1849w, c 

ClarkElijahBellevilleRichland1859-61j, c 

ClarkA. J.ChillicotheRoss   
  ColumbusFranklin1839-59j, w 

Clark (A. J.) & Co ColumbusFranklin1852-56  


Cleveland (Francis) & Bliss (John) ZanesvilleMuskingum1815-18g, sEmployed Charles Hill who later joined A. C. Ross as Hill & Ross


CohenThomasChillicotheRoss1815s, j, c, w 

ColemanJosephMassilonStark1853 -80jborn in England; listed in the 1880 census as a dealer in watches and jewelry

Combs & Vautrot WarrenTrumbull1853-56  

Combs & Meiksch    1853  

ConantH. H.Maumee CityLucas1846j, w 

Coppock (G.F.) & Son ColumbusFranklin1852-53  

ConwayNewton S.CatawbaClark1853  

CookH. T.ToledoLucas1853-72jlisted, with son William, in the 1880 Toledo census as merchant jewelers

CookWilliam H.ToledoLucas1880json of H. T. Cook

Coon & Aaron MedinaMedina1853  

CoonJeremiahClevelandCuyahoga1846-56 b 1819 in NY; 1880 Cleveland census as a clerk in jewelry store

CoonJohn W.ClevelandCuyahoga   

CoonwellM. A.CopapaLorain1859j, c, w 

CooperHenryWellsvilleColumbiana1865-80wson of Wilson, listed in the 1880 census as a jeweler

CooperWilsonWellsvilleColumbiana1853-80wlisted in the 1880 census as a wathmaker


CornwellDavid ColemanAthensAthens1869-1900s, w, json of John; listed in the 1880 census as a silversmith

CornwellJohn GoldsmithAthensAthens1832-1852, 1856-1869jCornwell Jewelers (still in business) is the oldest in the country.

CornwellFrank M.AthensAthens1880sson of John; listed in the 1880 census as a silversmith

CovellLyman S.DelewareDeleware1853-72j, c, wlisted in the 1880 census as a farmer and jeweler

CowlesRalphClevelandCuyahoga1840-68j, w, s 

Cowles (Royal) & Albertson (Joseph A) ClevelandCuyahoga1849-53j, w, s 

Cowles (Royal) & Co (Homer Micheal Goodwin) ClevelandCuyahoga1857-89  

CracawE. A.New Phila.Tuscarawas1856j 

CramMoses BaileyRepublicSeneca1840-1860 b: 17 Oct 1804 in Weare NH; d: 18 Jun 1878 in Faribault MI


CrittendenNewton E.ClevelandCuyahoga1826-72j 

CrossR. A.Maumee CityLucas1856j 

CustardJosephNew LisbonColumbiana1853-72s 


DavisPliny E.Columbus 1850j 

Deal or DialJ.FranklinWarren1859-64j, c, w 


Deardorf & Tucker DaytonMontgomery1849-51  

Deardorf & Jenkins DaytonMontgomery1853  

DefeuC. F.ChillicotheRoss1866  


DeitzBernard G.ClevelandCuyahoga1859-68w 

Dietz (Bernard) & Bothers ClevelandCuyahoga   

Demmet or Dammest or DammertFrancisPomeroyMeigs1853-56  
  IrontownLawrence1859j, w 

DesnoyersPierre JeanGallipolisGallia1790  

Deuble (George) & Brothers CantonStark1856-72j, c, w, s 

DeVachtFrancoisGallipolisGallia1792w, s 

DeVachtJosephGallipolisGallia1792w, s 

DeweyHiram ToddSanduskyErie1853-64j 



DeWittFrank C.OxfordButler1870json of Zachariah


DeWittZachariah T.OxfordButler1856-68s, jbirth: 24 February 1809 in Oxford, Butler, Ohio; death: 13 December 1870

DeYoungR. J.LeesburgHighland1840j 

DickersonT. H.MarionMarion1853-66j 


Dickenson (Charles) & Safford (Harry) ZanesvilleMuskingum   

DeihlE. H.WoosterWayne1853-56j 

DrayerWilliam E.HamiltonButler1853-68j, w 


DresbachC. F.ColumbusFranklin1835-37  

DrozF. HumbertOhio CityCuyahoga1853-68j, w 

DunbarR. D.ColumbusFranklin1852-68j, c, w, s 

DunganB. E.SunfishMonroe1853  

Dunkin & McLaughlin CirclevillePickaway1853  


ElliotE. G.SpringfieldClark1853-61  

ElliotFreemanLebanonWarren1828-31j, c, w, s 

Ells, Claflin & Co DaytonMontgomery1846g 

EmbryE.East LibertyLogan1853-66j, c, w 

EmmonsS. F.YoungstownMahoning1856j 


EspichHenryGermantownMontgomery1853-59j, c, w 

EvansJ. S.FranklinWarren1859-61j, w, c 


FarverJ. K.GilboaPutnam1853  

FeeArthurFelicityClermont  birth: 18 Dec 1791 in Washington, Pa; death: 2 Jan 1879 in Clermont, Ohio; married: Sarah Miller, b 2 Mar 1798 in Kentucky

Fee, JrArthurFelicityClermont  birth: 15 Jan 1821 Place: Clermont, Ohio ; death: 7 Apr 1879

FeeM. D.FelicityClermont   

Fee & Fee FelicityClermont1856w 

FeighnerH. H.BucyrusCrawford1853  


Ferguson DaytonMontgomery1845c 

FieldDavid E.ClevelandCuyahoga1841-68j, s, w 

Field & Gray ClevelandCuyahoga1853  

FletcherJ. F.RavennaPortage1853  

FolgerJames MottRavennaPortage1849c, w, s 


FosterWilliamWest UnityWilliam1853  

FranklinE. M.Upper SanduskyWyandot1853  

FredericksJ. G.DefianceDefiance1859-61j, c, w 

FrenchThomasElyriaLorain1859-72j, c, w 

FreyS. C.CantonStark1853-56  


GallupWilliamTiffinSeneca1854-80j, wworking 1841-1845 in Licking OH; 1845-1853 in Covington KY; 1854-1880+ in Tiffin OH (listed there in the 1880 census as a jeweler).

Gantz or ZantzDavidCarroltonCarroll1859-61j, c, w 

Garden, JrSamuelAkronSummit1846j, w 

GarneyJ. T.PiquaMiami1846w 

GatesJamesLancasterFairfield1853-64j, w, sAlso listed as an early silversmith in Chillicothe.




GermanMichaelLower Sandusky 1841w, c 


GoodmanJohnClevelandCuyahoga1859-72j, c, wborn 1815 in England; listed 1880 census as a watchmaker


GoodwinHomer MichaelClevelandCuyahoga1857-1889 married Royal Cowles' sister Maryette in 1849; listed in the 1880 Sandusky census as an attorney.


GudgeonD. L.BellefontaineLogan1853  

GreenH. N.MansfieldRichland1856j 

GriffithHumphreyLebanonWarren1819-23c, wborn 23 Dec 1796 in Wales; died 2 Jun 1870 in Indianapolis IN

Hall (A. B.) & Co Ohio City 1837j, w 

HallJ. C.UrbanaChampaign1859  

HallRansom E.ClevelandCuyahoga1833-36  

Snow & Hall (Ransom)   1835  

Haller (L. R.) & Son PortsmouthScioto1853-36j 

Handy (J. J.) & Co MorristownBelmont1853  

HardmanJ.LebanonWarren1823c, w 

HarperW. M.GreenvilleDarke1859-68w 

Harrison Marrietta  j, c 

HartmanLewisTiffinSeneca1863-80wson of John; listed in 1880 census

HartmanJohnTiffinSeneca1853-72jborn in Germany;

Hasil or HasicMarcusClevelandCuyahoga1845-46w 

HastingsB. B.ClevelandCuyahoga1836-47j, w, s 

HatchJohnPortsmouthScioto1828c, w 

HeathRalphChillicotheRoss1815j, c, w, s 

HelfrickA. B.DaytonMontgomery1853-64j, s 

HerancourtGeorg MichealColumbusFranklin1835-42j, w, sBorn in Bavaria; retail jeweler; proprietor of the Herancourt Brewery in Cincinnati.

Herancourt (G. M.) & Dresbach ColumbusFranklin1835  

Herancourt (G. M.) & Hukill ColumbusFranklin1834  

Hewitt & Buck SalemColumbiana1853  

HillArundelSteubenvilleJefferson  born 5 Dec 1791 in Harrisburg PA, died 5 April 1848 in Steubenville; early spoon in private collection marked A. Hill Steubenv'e

Hill (Charles) & Ross (A. C.) ZanevilleMuskingum1833  

HillCharlesZanesvilleMuskingum1815-33 Master to A. C. Ross, 1827-1831 and later his partner


HoffmanGeorge WashingtonPlymouthRichland1860-1880slisted in the 1880 census as a silversmith; possibly the brother of Augustus Hoffman (Light & Hoffman)

HuffmanJohnBucyrusCrawford1853-68j, w 

HunterMerit A.JeffersonAshtubula1856j 

HydeJoshuaMt. VernonKnox1853-72  

HydeZachariah D.RoscoeCoshocton1856-64j 

IngersolWilliam B.SanduskyErie1840-45j 

IngersolC. F.OberlinLorain   
  BereaCuyahoga1853-59j, c 

IrickT. A.LebanonWarren1837  

JacobsJohn M.ChillicotheRoss1846c, w 

JamisonJacobDaytonMontgomery1853-66c, wIn 1832 went from Springfield to Cincinnati then on to Dayton

JohnsonJoseph R.FairviewGuernsey1856j 

Johnson (E. D.) & CoE. D.UrbanaChampaign1853-56s 

JohnsonW.GreenvilleLickling1859-64j, c, w 

JohnsonW. J.SomersetPerry1853  

JonesG. A.AkronSummit1846j, w 

JonesGeorge A.ZanesvilleMuskingum1856-68j 

JulianJ. J.TroyMiami1856-68j 



KelveyThomasWest UnionAdams1820  

KeslerFrankColumbusFranklin1875-80wson of Herman; listed in the 1880 census as a watchmaker

KeslerHermanColumbusFranklin1859-80j, wborn 1826 in Wurtemberg, Germany; listed in the 1880 census as a watchmaker

KesselmeierJ.GalionCrawford1859-72j, c, w, s 

Kidd (William) & CoWilliamClevelandCuyahoga1853-72j 


KingAshbelWarrenTrumbull s 

KingJuliusWarrenTrumbull sHe went on to graduate from the Cleveland Medical College and later founded the Julius King Optical Company in New York City.

KingWalterWarrenTrumbull1820-1853s, wfather of Ashbel, Julius and Walter Burnham

KingWalter BurnhamWarrenTrumbull s 

King & Brothers (Ashbel, Julius, and Walter Burnham) WarrenTrumbull1856-64s 

King (Walter) & Son (Ashbel)W.WarrenTrumbull1853-1855s, w 

KingsburyR. R.RavennaPortage1853  


KissellJohn G.BryanWilliams1853  

Kleeman Brothers (Louis and Moses) ColumbusFranklin1853-72j, w 

KnightC. M.HudsonSummit1853-64j 

KnightE. G.HudsonSummit1856j 

KramerG. P.DelphosAllen1859j, w 

Kranken or KrakranE. A.New PhiladelphiaTuscarawas1853-59j, c, w 

LafeePaul A.     

LaffereA.DaytonMontgomery1856-72c, w 

Lebensberger & Lebolt DaytonMontgomery1856j, c 


LeeJohn A.MansfieldRichland1853-72s 

Lee (John A.) & Wilkinson (Edward)MansfieldRichland 1864-72s, 


LeppelmanLewisFremontSandusky1853-72j, w 

LeroyFrancisOhio CityVan Wert1836-37g 

LesquereuxL.ColumbusFranklin1853-68j, w 

LesquereuxF. A.     

LicktenneggerF.ColumbusFranklin1848-61j, w 

Light (Joshua) & Hoffman (Augustus) PlymouthRichland1853-56j 

LikesJ. W.GalenaDeleware1859-66j, c, w 

Lindsley & Hatch (John)   1828  

LindsleyWilliamPortsmouthScioto1828c, sAlso a cooper and gunsmith. A partner of John Hatch



LoveJamesToledoLucas1846-68j, w, s 

Love (James) & Voight (Lucius N.)   1853-56  


MadisonCharles L.CambridgeGuernsey1853-80j, c, wlisted in the 1880 census as a watchmaker

MalcherFrancois PaulGallipolisGallia1790  



MartinJ. M.ClevelandCuyahoga1836-37  

MastersonP.Chapel HillPerry1853  



MattesonHorace Elias E.SevilleMedina1856j, wlisted in the 1880 census at Seville as a dry goods merchant

Mayer or MeierJacobCleveland 1845-68j, w 

MeadsAlfredClevelandCuyahoga1856-59j, w 

MerrillT.LebanonWarren1837 With T. A. Irick, bought the stock of J. Probasco

MeyersFrederickWest UnionAdams1853  

Miers LoganHocking1853  

MikschR. P.Franklin MillsPortage1851-53j, w 

MillerIsaac W.NewarkLicking1856-72  

Miller (John & William)JohnBellefontaineLogan1859-72  


MinerO. H.ColumbusFranklin1848w 


Morison & Carey LexingtonRichland1856s 



McClainRobertsonBarnsvilleBelmont1859-66c, w 

  Ohio CitySummit1836-37j 

McHenryDavidCirclevillePickaway1856-72j, wlisted in the 1880 census as a grape grower

McHenryFrankCirclevillePickaway1875-80sson of David; listed in the 1880 census as a silversmith



McNeely (William) & Estep ParisStark1814  
  St. ClairsvilleBelmont1827s, c, w 


Oldein or OldenDavidMiddletownButler1853-72j 

OldroydWilliamMt. VernonKnox1856-59j 

OlmstedPhilo Hopkins.ColumbusFranklin1835-46Previously attributed, but not a silversmith; apprenticed as a printer in father's newspaper, which he later took over. Hotel owner, local politician, and prominent citizen.


Patterson & Wilkinson (James A.) MansfieldRichland1853-61s 

PauleyMilton R.LebanonLebanon1855-6 married Mary Benedict, 1857, in Mason OH; listed in the 1880 census there as a drygoods merchant

Shepherd & Pauley (Milton R.) LebanonLebanon1855-56  

PaxtonAlexanderSteubenvilleJefferson1820c, w 

PaxtonIsaacHamiltonButler1813c, w, s 

Paxton (Isaac) & Wallace HamiltonButler1813c, w, s 

PeckA. G.AshtabulaAshtabula1823  

PeughB. G.ClevelandCuyahoga1845-46j 

PhillippiGeorge A.PortsmouthScioto1856-59j 


PicardJ. C.MowrytownHighland1853j, wAd in Georgetown OH newspaper, 1834, states he is a French watch and clockmaker; listed in 1840 Cincinnati Directory

PickettJulius K.SalemColumbiana1853-72slisted in the 1880 census as a hotel keeper

PickettJulius K.SalemColumbiana1870-80wson of Julius, Sr.

PinkertonD. C.ChillicotheRoss1838  
  McConnellsvilleMorgan1838-59j, w 

PlattBenjaminDelawareDeleware1817-1833s, instrument makerworking earlier in New Milford CT

PlattCyrusDelawareDeleware1847-72j, c, w, sson of William; he was in Delaware by 1847, when he married; still working as a jeweler there in the 1880 census

PlattWilliam AugustusColumbusFranklin1830-50j, c, wson of William; later president of Columbus Gas Light and Coke Co.

PlattWilliamColumbusFranklin1817-46j, c, wson of Benjamin

PlowmanThomasChillicotheRoss1830-31c, w 

PowellE. N.ChillicotheRoss1833-36j 

PrattEphraim P.ChillicotheRoss1839s 

Pratt (Ephraim P.) & Bangs (John) ChillicotheRoss1839-41  

PrestonH. W.NorwalkHuron1856j 

ProbascoJohnLebanonWarren1823-52j, c, w, s 

Punghes (Punches)W.BryanWilliams1859-64j, c, w, sb. 1811 in PA; recorded as a jeweler in Bryan in the 1880 census


QuestBenjamin K.CadizHarrison1856-80j, c, wlisted in the 1880 census as a clock repairer

RalstonWilliamAshlandAshland1853-72j, c, w, sapparently working for several years in the 1870s in Fayetteville TN

RamsayGeorgeClydeSandusky1859-64j, w 


Reeves (E.) & Son (John) DaytonMontgomery1844-72w, s 



Reeve (George) & Richard ZanevilleMuskingum1809  

ReeveGeorgeZanesvilleMuskingum1809-14j, s 

ReniffT. W.ToledoLucas1853-66  


RichardC. A.ColumbusFranklin1836-37c, w 


RickseckerIsraelCanal DoverTuscarawas1853  

ReiterAlexanderAllianceStark1859-68j, c, w 

RobertJulesGallipolisGallia1859-61wlisted in the 1880 Gallipolis census as a jeweler, b. 1830 in Switzerland

RobinsonJohn R.MansfieldRichland1856j 

RuffChristianUpper SanduskyWyandott1859j, c, win the 1880 census at Upper Sandusky, Christian Ruff, b. 1806 in Wurtemberg, Germany, is listed as a carpenter


RoffConradDaytonMontgomery1856-59s, w 

RogersSolomanElmiraFulton1859j, c, w 



RosenfieldS.St. MarysAuglaize1856  

RossAlexander CoffinZanesvilleMuskingum1829-64j, c, wApprenticed to Charles Hill, 1829-1831 and his partner in 1833. A man of many talents and an ingenious turn of mind. He is credited with being the inventor of sulphur matches and with producing the first daguerreotypes west of the Allegheny mountains after reading an account of the discovery of the process in a London journal. He operated the first telegraph line in Zaneville and is credited with writing the famous song Tippecanoe and Tyler Too, in the Harrison presidental campaign.

RossJames J.ZanesvilleMuskingum1853-61, j, wbrother of Alexander, for whom he probably worked

RussellDaniel N.LebanonWarren1836c, w, s 

SaffordHarryZanesvilleMuskingum1816j, c, w, s, gProbably came from Gallipolis; worked in Marrietta 1810. Later a merchant and postmaster of Springfield.

Saffer & Allen DaytonMontgomery1853  

SageHenryCirclevillePickaway1856-64j, w 

St. JohnR. H.BellefontaineLogan1853-56w 

SandersonRobertAthensAthens1839-64w, s 

SargentA. G.Lower Sandusky 1836w, s 

SargentJ. C.BellefontaineLogan1859j, w 

SarrattJ. H.SteubenvilleJefferson1853-72j 

SatterthwaiteIsaacLimaLima1853-72s, gunsmith 

SavageJohn T.ColumbusFranklin1853-56j 

SavageJames Y.     

SavageWilliamColumbusFranklinc 1840-1880jb 1815 in VA

SavageJamesColumbusFranklinc 1860-1880json of William



Schreckengaust (S. & J.) ChillicotheRoss1850-72j, s 

SchneiderGeorgeClevelandCuyahoga1859-72j, w 

SchroederA.ClevelandCuyahoga1844-46j, w 

Schroeder (A.) & Wangelin ClevelandCuyahoga   



ShoberWiliamGallipolisGallia1859-72j, c, w 


SelenbergerE. C.FeesburgBrown1853  

Shaw (P. & R.) SarahsvilleNoble1853  

ShawT. M.Feed SpringHarrison1853  

Sheldon & Ewalt WoosterWayne1853  

SheldonPhilo S.BellefontaineLogan1856j 

SheldonP. S.WoosterWayne1856j 

Shepherd WilmingtonClinton1853  


Shepherd (Amaziah) & Pauley (Milton) LebanonWarren1855-56  

ShepherdJ. B.AshtabulaAshtabula1853-56j 

SherwoodJohnDaytonMontgomery1859c, w 

SherwoodN. D.JeffersonAshtabula1853  

ShrockJacob M.NewarkLicking1853-72j1880 census as a watchmaker

Shrock & Cook MillersburgHolmes1853  

Sill (E. J. & C. S.) Cuyahoga FallsSummit1853-56w, + drugs 



SmithJ.  1803w, s, gAdvertised in Scioto Gazette, 21 May 1803

SmithJ.AppletonLicking1859j, c, w 

SmithM.FranklinWarren1817c, w, s 

SmithWilliam B.CoshoctonCoshocton1859-72j, c, w 

SnowWilliam H.ClevelandCuyahoga1835-37  



Spear or SpeerRobertSteubenvilleJefferson1853-61j 

SpragueNewarkLicking1853-72jHezekial S., Henry Day, and Henry S. Sprague all worked as jewelers in Newark. The first two were the brothers of Lindel Sprague and the third his son.




StanleyJoseph E.ClevelandCuyahoga   
  ZanesvilleMuskingum s 

StanleyJos. M.ZanesvilleMuskingum g, s 

StarbuckRobert P.BealsbilleMonroe1856w 

StarkWilliam TrammellXeniaGreene1853-58jborn: 1790 in Loudoun VA; died: 11 Sep 1858 in Xenia


StarryJames H.HillsboroHighland1842s 
  ClarksvilleClinton1843-50sfirst silversmith to work in the city


SteeleA. W.AshtabulaAshtabula1853-64j, c, w, s 

SteinD. O.CirclevillePickaway1859j, c, w 

Stevens & Heath (Ralph)   1815  

Stevens ChillicotheRoss1815j, c, w, s 

StoneLeviMt. VernonKnox1856-72jprobably apprenticed to Joshua Hyde. Member of Young, Stone & Hyde

StowDwight FosterToledoLucas1846-53j, c, w, sworking 1832-1845 in NYC

StriebyC. H.Mt. VernonKnox1853c 

Sturdivant & Brothers DelewareDeleware1853  


Sumner (Edward) & Weiker BellevueHuron1853  

SwenyJ. R.HarveysburgWarren1859j, c, w 

SwopeJames WillardDaytonMontgomery1859-72j, cborn: 1835 in La Porte IN; died 15 JUL 1909 in Dayton

Talcott & Co ClevelandCuyahoga1853-59j, w 

TallmanWilliamAkronSummit1856-61j, c, w 

Thiele & Hofer ClevelandCuyahoga1853j 

Thiele & Co ClevelandCuyahoga1856j 

ThomaAugustPiquaMiami1846-72j, s 


ThompsonSethChillicotheRoss1804-06j, w, s, g 

ThriftJohnKalidaPutnam1859j, c, w 

Tight or ZightG.GranvilleLicking1859-64j, c, w 

TrumanJefferyMainsvilleWarren1822-23w, c 
  FranklinleWarren1822-23w, c 

Van Deren & Gadner ChillicotheRoss1836  

VandykeD. W.MasonWarren1853-68 listed as a gunsmith in 1880 census

VantrotJulesTrumbullWarren1856-72jborn in France; listed in 1880 census as a jeweler, as was his son, Jules Jr.

Vantrot (Jules) & Mieksch TrumbullWarren1853  

Vantrot (Jules) & Ackley TrumballWarren1868  

Varner & River CovingtonMiami1859c, w 

VellageB. C.AthensAthens1856w 

Venen (Joseph Albert & Darwin Plummer) ConneautAshtabula1853-72j, c, w 

VenenJohn D.ConneautAshtabula1853-56j 

VincentAntoine ClaudeGallipolisGallia1790  

Vincent (Benjamin) & Green (Jesse) McConnellsvilleMorgan1856j, w 

WadellRobert R.Georgetown or Hillsborough 1857j 

Wangelin (Louis & Edward) ClevelandCuyahoga1844-46g 

WarnerJohnColumbusFranklin1816-31j, s 

WashburnWellingtonCuyahoga FallsSummit1859j, c, wapprenticed in Akron, 1852-1859; working 1859-1875 in Galesburg IL

WassignsraP.East LiverpoolColumbiana1853-59j, c, w 

WeberC. B.IrontonLaurence1853  

WebbN.GreenvilleDarke1853-72j, books 

WhiteAlexGaligherGuernsy1859j, c, w 

WhiteD. C.ElyriaLorain1853-68j, c, w, s 

WhiteEdwardClevelandCuyahoga1859j, w 



WhitesidesR.ChillicotheRoss1806-08j, s 

Wight (J. W. & H. W.) GarrittsvillePortage1859-64j, c, w 

  BellevilleRichland1859-64j, w 

WilerJ. V.MansfieldRichland1853  

WilkinsonEdwardMansfieldRichland1853-72s, jlisted in the 1880 census as a retired jeweler

WilkinsonMilton G.MansfieldRichland1857-80json of Edward; listed in 1880 census as a jeweler

Wilkinson (James A.) & CoJames A.NorwalkHuron1856-80json of Samuel; listed in the 1880 census as a jeweler

WilkinsonSamuelNorwalkHuron1830-60jlisted in the 1880 census as a retired jeweler, living with his son


WilliamsJohn H.St. ClairsvilleBelmont1851-53  

WilsonC. B.FinleyHancock1853-56j 

WithingtonMartin A.MassillonStarke1845-66  

WolcottS. B.ElyriaLorain1859-72j, s 


WoltzeW. E.DaytonMontgomery1859-61w 

WoodsS.RossvilleButler1832c, w 

WoolnoughJ. H.ClevelandCuyahoga1853  

YoungWilliam MitchellMt. VernonKnox1854-1880+japprenticed to Joshua Hyde in 1849. He joined him as a partner in 1854.

Young (William Mitchell), Stone (Levi) & Hyde (Joshua) Mt. VernonKnox1854-72jLevi Stone became a partner in 1856; Joshua Hyde retired in 1872.

ZoellnerAlbertPortsmouthScioto1858json of Phillip; born: 27 APR 1859 in Portsmouth

ZoellnerPhillipPortsmouthScioto1858j, wborn: 22 NOV 1832 in Bavaria; died: 28 DEC 1906 in Portsmouth